GS Apollo I by GS Music

GS Apollo I is an analog monophonic synthesizer featuring subtractive synthesis. The sound generation is entirely analog. It has two voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), a mixer, a voltage controlled filter and a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). The control signals are digitally generated by a microcontroller, which is capable of processing three low frequency oscillators (LFO) and two ADSR envelopes (EG).

Apollo I

The GS Apollo I interface was designed to be simple an intuitive. It has 18 knobs and 3 push buttons. It allows the generation of a great variety of sounds.


Polyphony: Monophonic, last-note priority
Oscillators: 2 voltage-controlled analog oscillators (VCO) with sub-oscillators
Oscillators waveshapes Triangular, Saw-Tri, Sawtooth, Pulse
Filter (VCF): 24dB/oct (4 poles) low pass filter with resonance control
Envelopes: 2* (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
LFO: 3**
LFO waveshapes: Triangular, Rampa up, Rampa down, Square
Presets: 32
Connections: MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, MIDI Thru, Audio Output (Plug 1/4” TRS balanced)
Power supply: DC 12V 1A
Dimensions: 280mm x 140mm x 81mm (8.66" x 5.51" x 3.19")
Weight: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
Dimensions (with packaging): 330mm x 220mm x 135mm (12.99" x 8.66" x 5.31")
Weight (with packaging): 2.0 kg (4.41 lbs)
*From the panel it is only possible to control both envelopes simultaneously. To control them independently, the corresponding MIDI CC must be used.
**Only one LFO is controllable from the panel. To access the other LFOs, the corresponding MIDI CC must be used.



International sales on hold due to COVID-19.

GS Apollo I (wood panels in light walnut)

Analog monophonic synthesizer.
Side wood panels in light walnut color.

Apollo I


GS Music
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