GS Music was founded in 2014 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After some development and experimentation with MIDI, we decided to go further and build our own analog synthesizer. This is how our first prototype called Taurus was born, which would later give rise to our first commercial synthesizer called Uranus, launched in 2016.
After a lot of work, in 2018 we launched the Apollo I analog synthesizer, a monophonic synthesizer with a classic design, but with some outstanding features. Among them, memory to store up to 32 presets, MIDI implementation allowing to modify more than 80 parameters, some analog oscillators with a new compensation for temperature variations, an auto tuning algorithm.
The Apollo I would be the beginning of a new stage, as new synthesizers based on its architecture would later emerge. In 2019 the Apollo Mini was released as a cheaper alternative, but with most of the features of the Apollo I.
In 2020 we launched our new synthesizer called simply Apollo, in which we incorporated CV inputs and a digital effects processor with chorus ensemble and delay.
In parallel, from 2019 we began to develop our first polyphonic analog synthesizer prototype called Zeus, which gave rise to our new synthesizer that will be launched by the end of 2021, which will be a polyphonic 7-voice, multitimbral 4-part analog synthesizer.
Our mission is to be able to offer synthesizers made in Argentina with the level of recognized brands. While our synthesizers have classic designs, we always like to add some new features to them and have their own personality.

Tauro - 2014
Uranus - 2015
Uranus -2015
Apollo I - 2016
Apollo Mini - 2016
Apollo III - 2016


Junin 658, local 357, CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Made in Argentina